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Well, do you?
There’s nothing like a good cookie and Marisa Angebrandt,  President and co/owner of WannaHavaCookie is literally “baking” on that idea.
Remember  Woopie Pies?  Updated and delicious, Angebrandt’s Woopie Pies are offering a new taste on an old favorite cooked up by the resident baker herself.
Launched in April, 2008 along side her husband Mark, this [...]

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You want good cake?
A simple question deserves a simple answer so here it is:
Order a Prosperity Cake from a line of cake products called Full Spirited Flavours, owned and operated by a trio of self described “high spirited ladies.”
Sisters Sue Katein (whose recipes rock), Kathy Lanyon and Carole Algier,  (the sister that designed the trademark [...]

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Let’s Eat Media Event Showcase

Late last month I went to New Y0rk City to the Let’s Eat Media Event, billed as “A Savory Showcase of Products,” and there was a whole lot there to taste!
Walking around the  New York Marriott Marquis ballroom, where nearly 50 companies and small businesses  were promoting new food items, was enough to wreck my [...]

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Cooking 101 and You

There’s a new box in town and the delivery is better than your usual takeout.
Which cook are you? A new cook, a tired cook, or a cook that just wants a new idea?  The Mama Says “No more Frozen Pizza” recipe collection has tasty alternatives to take out.
Created by two Atlanta moms, Lynn Epstein and [...]

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“myBibzy” a day, keeps the laundry at bay!

Another ingenious creation by a mommy!  If you’ve had a baby or have even been a regular baby sitter for an infant or toddler you know about the “drools.”
This will be one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moment for a lot of us.
Mommy Jana Brinkhaus and her husband Chris of Massachusetts  created [...]

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Heartfelt Messages..next to your heart!

A California entrepreneur has come up with a way to my heart and yours by creating a line of  shirts called HeartThreads that have encouraging and inspiring messages printed on the inside.
I had a chance to meet artist, designer and manufacturer Scott Wilson at one of New York’s Media Events for New Products last year [...]

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Cold+Stroller+Mommy= Mommy Mitten

When it’s cold outside, Mommy knows best for baby and for herself!
We bundle our baby, add a blanket and a wind shield to the stroller and tuck them inside to protect them from the elements of winter before heading out, right?
But what about Mommy?  What happens if she forgets her gloves?  She still has to [...]

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My “Pet Portrait” Christmas Gift

Way back in the spring of ‘09 I posted a story about a woman who does pet portraits on rocks.  She was such an unique person and artist that I kept in contact with her and wanted to see if any of my readers used her service.  So far, no one has. ):
For a Christmas [...]

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A Toast to the New Year with Sipatiniz

As 2010 looms near celebrations are being planned to welcome the New Year and new possibilities.  There will be parties and lots of toasting on December 31st and a Texas entrepreneur has invented a new glass to help with the celebration.
The Sipatiniz, pronounced Sip a TEE neeze,  is a martini glass that offers a spill [...]

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Aspirinpod : Heart Healthy Gift of Love

Heart attacks happen daily across the world and according to the Food and Drug Administration there’s one small thing you can do to help lessen the oncoming attack and damage:  Take aspirin.
A Dallas, Texas entrepreneur has created a neat way to keep just the right amount of aspirin handy in case you need it.   [...]

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