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You want good cake?
A simple question deserves a simple answer so here it is:
Order a Prosperity Cake from a line of cake products called Full Spirited Flavours, owned and operated by a trio of self described “high spirited ladies.”
Sisters Sue Katein (whose recipes rock), Kathy Lanyon and Carole Algier,  (the sister that designed the trademark [...]

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This is an awe inspiring story of the imagination and creativeness of a 13 year old girl from Texas named Maddie Bradshaw, who along with her sister and mother, have created a       “million dollar business” in just three years featuring her Snap Cap jewelery.
This jewelry phenomenon is best described by tweeners who are Maddie’s target [...]


The “STAIN MISTAKE” often spells doom for your nicest, most expensive piece of clothing.  And like me, you’ve probably spilled a drink, missed your mouth en route, been splashed, accidentally spilled upon or otherwise ruined what you were wearing at least once.  Right?
Then what do you do?
Well, people in the know, (and now you [...]

Celebrity Interview: Olivia Newton John

There were two celebrities on hand at the Celebrity Connections media event in April. One was Olivia Newton John and the other was her husband! He’s a celebrity in his own right, known as Amazon John, but certainly marrying her added to his credentials.
He’s John Easterling and together they’re on the stomp promoting [...]

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Spotlight Interview: Everything’s a Book

We all have a story to tell and this one is based on an interview with Anthony Salvatore, designer, creator and owner of his own small business featuring specially designed journals called Everything’s a Book. A lot of people keep journals detailing everything from the most significant details of their lives to some of [...]

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