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Cooking 101 and You

There’s a new box in town and the delivery is better than your usual takeout.
Which cook are you? A new cook, a tired cook, or a cook that just wants a new idea?  The Mama Says “No more Frozen Pizza” recipe collection has tasty alternatives to take out.
Created by two Atlanta moms, Lynn Epstein and [...]

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“myBibzy” a day, keeps the laundry at bay!

Another ingenious creation by a mommy!  If you’ve had a baby or have even been a regular baby sitter for an infant or toddler you know about the “drools.”
This will be one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moment for a lot of us.
Mommy Jana Brinkhaus and her husband Chris of Massachusetts  created [...]

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Cold+Stroller+Mommy= Mommy Mitten

When it’s cold outside, Mommy knows best for baby and for herself!
We bundle our baby, add a blanket and a wind shield to the stroller and tuck them inside to protect them from the elements of winter before heading out, right?
But what about Mommy?  What happens if she forgets her gloves?  She still has to [...]

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Got Kindness? Boom Boom! Cards

There’s a new game in town that allows you to share your “kindness” and watch it multiply into the world  by using a 26 card deck of Boom Boom! cards.
Feeling generous, kind, or very humanitarian?  Perhaps that’s what the creators of Boom Boom! cards were thinking when they launched their universal “kit for a social [...]

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New baby? New PaciPlushies!

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the parents with the baby carriage and we all know that most babies need a Pacifier!  But lose it in the crib, your purse or the diaper bag and “It’s On!”
Along comes a new idea called  Paci Plushies, a line of lightweight plush animals which not only [...]

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Mabel’s Labels….tag it!

Label it or Lose it!
School just started and the kids are leaving home with lunch bags, book bags, water bottles, gym clothes and other supplies.   Now is the time to use Mabel’s Labels to make sure that everything that goes to school, comes home from school.
In addition to the older kids and all their [...]

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This is an awe inspiring story of the imagination and creativeness of a 13 year old girl from Texas named Maddie Bradshaw, who along with her sister and mother, have created a       “million dollar business” in just three years featuring her Snap Cap jewelery.
This jewelry phenomenon is best described by tweeners who are Maddie’s target [...]

KEEPERS Bagatelles. Keeping essentials handy

Keepers, a hands free neck wallet is the perfect place for a few dollars, a lunch meal ticket, keys  or ID.
With our kids back to school soon here comes another great product made by a Mompreneur out of Atlanta, Georgia.   Tamara Jones, President of Keepers Bagatelles was problem solving when she invented the Keeper.  [...]

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Teaching our kids to “Be”

Parents are counting down the days; just a few more weeks until school starts and the kids are back in class!  With summer vacation almost over  it’s time for the kids to put their thinking caps back on and soak up another year’s worth of knowledge.
In June I met a  couple of cool moms and [...]

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The Bracelet with a Purpose

During a busy, hectic day do you sometimes find yourself needing a quiet moment to regroup, exhale or perhaps just refocus?  Have you ever had that moment when you need a reminder to relax, calm down and look for the positive?
That’s exactly what prompted Adam Ancira to create a jewelry line of handmade bracelets using [...]

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