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Got Kindness? Boom Boom! Cards

There’s a new game in town that allows you to share your “kindness” and watch it multiply into the world  by using a 26 card deck of Boom Boom! cards.
Feeling generous, kind, or very humanitarian?  Perhaps that’s what the creators of Boom Boom! cards were thinking when they launched their universal “kit for a social [...]

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Mabel’s Labels….tag it!

Label it or Lose it!
School just started and the kids are leaving home with lunch bags, book bags, water bottles, gym clothes and other supplies.   Now is the time to use Mabel’s Labels to make sure that everything that goes to school, comes home from school.
In addition to the older kids and all their [...]

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Real childs play, the old fashion way

Imagine a new baby, what a joy and a job!  The  joy  is in watching them take their first steps and discover new things every day while the job is keeping them safe, even from their own toys. 
Help doing just that has arrived in the form of Jade’s Toy Box.
Parents Angelique and Robby Ledoux got the scare of [...]

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SixtyFive Roses

If you’ve got a reader in your life, then there’s nothing like giving a great book as a gift. Last month I went to the Good Causes and Celebrity Connections Media Expo in New York City and there I met the author of a recently released book entitled SixtyFive Roses.
Because I’m an author too (www.lowdowndirtyspot.com) [...]

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