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“myBibzy” a day, keeps the laundry at bay!

February 8th, 2010 | 1 Comment | Posted in Accessories, Children, Clothes, Great Gifts, Parents

Another ingenious creation by a mommy!  If you’ve had a baby or have even been a regular baby sitter for an infant or toddler you know about the “drools.”

This will be one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moment for a lot of us.

Mommy Jana Brinkhaus and her husband Chris of Massachusetts  created their new spin on a baby bib in 2007 and named it the “myBibzy”  with the intention of offering protection from wetness without the inconvenience of a bib.

What it is, is simply a baby bodysuit with a built in bib!



Baby bibs come with baby clothes at baby showers  like it’s a given that one goes with the other and if you’ve done loads of laundry of tiny clothes with wet or stained necklines then you too get the picture of “myBibzy.”

MyBibzy  is made from 100% cotton and the bib consists of two types of materials.  The outer layer is a cotton knit terry that catches the drools and prevents the wetness from sliding down the front of baby or saturating baby’s top.  Then there’s the waterproof inner layer, which is 25% polyester, 75% vinyl and this keeps baby dry.

Teething babies drool, bottles sometimes leak and there’s the occasional spit up:  “myBibzy” to the rescue!  The terrycloth front dries and the wetness is caught in the inner layer, keeping baby dry.  Sweet!

The myBibzy is made in the USA and is 100% child safe, meeting all material safety standards for use in children’s apparel.  It has both neck and bottom snaps, and a tagless label in the back of the neck for added baby comfort.

Neck and bottom snaps

Neck and bottom snaps

There are lots of different color options including the standard blue or pink, short or long sleeve, that make this the perfect baby shower gift.  There’s even an organic baby mybibzy!

While the whole idea of a built in bib is just a novel idea (and again, too bad we didn’t think of it) what makes this an even better creation is a personal story that goes along with it.

Jana shared with me that her beautiful baby girl was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes and in an effort to help all children and adults with this disease, the Brinkhaus’ are donating 25% of their profits from the sale of myBibzy to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in hopes of finding a cure.

That story right there – makes one of these right here  – something that should be on your list next time you shop for baby.



You can purchase the myBibzy on the website at www.mybibzy.com or contact them at info@myBibzy.com for further information.

Put one on your gift list or buy one for your own baby and slow the flow of your laundry!

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