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Heartfelt Messages..next to your heart!

February 1st, 2010 | 4 Comments | Posted in Accessories, Clothes, Free Giveaway, Great Gifts, Health

A California entrepreneur has come up with a way to my heart and yours by creating a line of  shirts called HeartThreads that have encouraging and inspiring messages printed on the inside.

I had a chance to meet artist, designer and manufacturer Scott Wilson at one of New York’s Media Events for New Products last year and was so touched by his genuineness and his line of inspirational shirts.

Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson

Although he has been in the clothing business for a long time, it was his empathy for a family friend who had lost a child that led him to create the clothing line that he says “inspires from the inside-out.”

After the death of his friend’s daughter, Scott designed a shirt that had a picture of the young lady on the inside above the heart.  This way he felt that his friend would have his daughter close especially when he wore the shirt.

What a lovely idea!

So many people suffer silently on the inside but try and appear strong on the outside.  I love the idea of having a lost loved one’s picture near your heart, yet no one knows but you.  It’s your own  personal tribute and can give you comfort and strength at the same time.

From this idea came the expansion of his line of fashions to include shirts with themes that encourage a positive attitude through Faith, Inspiration, Wisdom and Love.  Scott wants the wearers of his shirt to be reminded that,    ” Wherever we go, good things come from the heart”.

Love Theme Shirts

Love Theme Shirts

I particularly love the friendship shirt that says,  “We all need someone to believe in, trust and be there.  I will be that person.”  Can you imagine giving that shirt to someone special?  That person will feel your spirit whenever she wears the shirt.

Then there’s the  inspirational shirt that will help one realize their own potential and work towards goals and aspirations.  That shirt says, “Open my mind’s eye.  Visualize the thing you want.  I will see it, feel it, believe it.”

Message on side panel of gift box

Message on side panel of gift box

The shirts, made in the USA,  come in women sizes either long sleeve or short sleeve fitted styles;  nine different colors and each shirt individually packaged in its own inspiring, coordinated box.  When you purchase a shirt from either the Love, Faith, Inspiration or Wisdom line, (each theme has several messages for you to choose from) the shirt is folded inside out with the message showing through the top of the box.

Wisdom Theme

Shirt prices are approximately $30 for the short-sleeve or $36 for the long-sleeve and can be purchased in exclusive boutiques or online at www.heartthreadsclothing.com.

I can’t think of a better gift to give a special someone  than a daily reminder to keep hope alive; stay positive, foster love or be encouraged.

What’s next to your heart everyday?  Why not let it be a message of wisdom, inspiration, love or faith?

Shop HeartThreads and leave a message on someones heart or carry your own reminder close, where no one sees it but you.  After all, what you say from your heart is what’s important, isn’t it?

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4 Responses to “Heartfelt Messages..next to your heart!”

  1. Scott WilsonNo Gravatar Says:

    Hi Kathy,
    I wanted to thank you for the lovely article. Since we met in Oct. the response to the HeartThreads concept has been simply amazing. Do to people like you the word is really getting out. Thanks again.

    Scott Wilson  

  2. giselaNo Gravatar Says:

    what an awesome posting! i wear heartthreads shirts and it has changed my life.  depending on the message or affirmation that i am wearing it sets the tone for my entire day and with positive energy right from the start.

    i want the entire world to be able to feel positive at any given time and day that will resignate thru the masses to come together as 1!

    when it comes down to it all we have is our health and how we “feel”. 

    love and positive vibrations,
    Gisela :)

  3. Allen MaxwellNo Gravatar Says:

    Having known Scott for several years, Heartthreads is the most AWESOME personal item one could imagne. This shirt feel so soft, it touches your heart when worn. I truely love this idea and the memories one can share is priceless. 

    The world needs to have a heart felt message, and you get that message wearing a Heartthread shirt. 

    Love you man! this is the greatest ever. 



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