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Cold+Stroller+Mommy= Mommy Mitten

January 19th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Children, Clothes, Free Giveaway, Great Gifts, Parents

When it’s cold outside, Mommy knows best for baby and for herself!

We bundle our baby, add a blanket and a wind shield to the stroller and tuck them inside to protect them from the elements of winter before heading out, right?

But what about Mommy?  What happens if she forgets her gloves?  She still has to push the stroller.  It’s even worse, if she had gloves with her but lost them during all the baby shuffling while shopping.

What to do, what to do?  Here’s the answer:  The Mommy Mitten!

It was during a chilly October walk in 2007 that a young entrepreneur mom, Amy Saperstein of New York City,   had a novel idea.  While it was early fall, it was chilly enough for Amy’s hands to get a little cold.  That’s when she got the idea for the  Mommy Mitten!

The Mommy Mitten

Amy and the Mommy Mitten

This easy to use, dandy little add on to your stroller,  is fleece lined and will keep your hands toasty while pushing the stroller. The Mommy Mitten is insulated, water resistant and machine washable. It velcros right on to the stroller handle and comes in either blue or pink.

Easily connects to stroller handle

Easily connects to stroller handle

I met Amy when she debuted her Mommy Mitten in New York at The Baby Show last year.  Below her girlfriend Kelly gives me a demonstration showing how chic all mommies can look using the Mommy Mitten.  A really cute idea isn’t it?  And no more cold hands!  That’s what I love about Amy’s invention.

Mommy Mitten Demonstration

Mommy Mitten Demonstration

There’s an external pocket for your keys, cell phone or pacifier which makes a quick run to the bodega or out for coffee much easier and this time you don’t have to worry about gloves!

A contestant in the “Most Innovative” category of the 2009 Home Based 100 contest by Start Up Nations, The Mommy Mitten is now available on Babies R Us Online.

If there are babies in your life, there’s still plenty of winter to get good use out of a Mommy Mitten.  Buy one for yourself or do another mommy a favor!  Mommy Mittens retail for $29.99.

You can visit Amy’s website, www.mommymitten.com for more information or to place an online order.

The Mommy Mitten, why didn’t I think of that?  Congratulations Amy, first time entrepreneur and you hit a home run with this idea.

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