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A Toast to the New Year with Sipatiniz

December 16th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Great Gifts

As 2010 looms near celebrations are being planned to welcome the New Year and new possibilities.  There will be parties and lots of toasting on December 31st and a Texas entrepreneur has invented a new glass to help with the celebration.

R. Williams Creator of SIPATINIZ(2)

Sipatiniz creator, Renee Williams

The Sipatiniz, pronounced Sip a TEE neeze,  is a martini glass that offers a spill proof solution yet maintains the class of the iconic martini glass.

This is the glass we’ve been waiting for!



The creation’s design is simple:  a lip on the outside rim that keeps your glass filled to the brim but no more spills as you navigate your way from the bar back to your friends.

Why didn’t you think of that you ask?  I’m asking myself the same thing as I have flashbacks of martini, appletini and cosmo spills and near spills.  This ingenious glass solves that problem.

The curved rim allows allows just enough room for a straw and classic martini garnish around the rim while maintaining the class and style of the traditional martini glass with the long stem.

Sipatiniz glass with straw and garnish

Sipatiniz glass with straw and garnish

During a conversation with Renee, a full time information technology industry employee, she shared her motivation for inventing Sipatiniz.  “I view ordinary things with a twist,” she said and I noticed the popularity of the glass but saw the problem of the spill.”

This simple but unique twist on the existing martini glass was enough to propel the Texas CEO/Designer into the spotlight where she emerged as the winner of the 2009 ” The Next Big Thing” contest,  a national search for the best new products by the  Dallas Market Center.

“Winning that was a tremendous opportunity,” said Williams who never thought she’d be a finalist in the contest much less the winner.  It just goes to show that a creative eye and a little determination can go a long way.

The glasses which sell for about $18 each can be purchased on her website at www.sipatiniz.com and is available through her Rowlett, Texas company Fabulous Touch Gifts.

Speaking of gifts…THIS is the gift for the martini drinker or non drinker (it can hold a non alcoholic drink too) on your list.  Get the gift they don’t have but would love:  Sipatiniz!

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