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Aspirinpod : Heart Healthy Gift of Love

December 2nd, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Accessories, Great Gifts, Health, Parents

Heart attacks happen daily across the world and according to the Food and Drug Administration there’s one small thing you can do to help lessen the oncoming attack and damage:  Take aspirin.

A Dallas, Texas entrepreneur has created a neat way to keep just the right amount of aspirin handy in case you need it.   It’s the Aspirinpod!



Patti Frenette, the inventor of Aspirinpod,  developed the product after her her mother passed away from a pre-existing medical condition and  her brother suffered a heart attack.  Believing that she could help people she set out on her mission to invent the Aspirinpod.

Patti Frenette and the Aspirinpod

Patti Frenette and the Aspirinpod

The Aspirinpod is a small molded-plastic container  that holds one uncoated 325 mg aspirin or four uncoated 81 mg aspirin.  That’s the critical amount of pain reliever that has been shown to increase the survivial of a heart attack if taken immediately at the onset of symptoms.

This tiny pod holds a gift of love that you can give your family to help keep them prepared should heart attack symptoms develop.  It can be attached to  a key chain,  your purse, golfbag, or even kept in your desk drawer or glove compartment.

The gift that saves

The gift that saves

With holiday gift giving upon us and the economy creating a more cautious shopping atmosphere here’s something unique, affordable and it shows just how much you care.

Ever hear “It’s the small things that matter?”   Then this miniature heart  is something you shouldn’t be caught without.  Aspirinpod!    Imagine the scenario:  someone suffers heart attack symptoms  and there’s an aspirinpod handy.  The likelihood of decreasing heart damage is at your fingertips.  Thanks Patti!  You’re a lifesaver.

The  heart shaped pod sells for $2.99 and can be purchased online at www.aspirinpod.com.  It’s the “must give” gift of the season.  Do your loved one a favor – gift them with an Aspirinpod.

Get it for the holidays!

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