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Simply warm. Janska, Clothing that Comforts

Weather begins to change, leaves start to fall and we know autumn is here.  The chilly breeze of October turns  nippy in November.   So how do we keep warm?
Time for Janska brand clothing.  The Janska founders calls their clothes, “Clothing that Comforts.”  I  met Janska founder, Jan Erickson at the Nouveau Apparel Show and [...]

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Got Kindness? Boom Boom! Cards

There’s a new game in town that allows you to share your “kindness” and watch it multiply into the world  by using a 26 card deck of Boom Boom! cards.
Feeling generous, kind, or very humanitarian?  Perhaps that’s what the creators of Boom Boom! cards were thinking when they launched their universal “kit for a social [...]

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