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New baby? New PaciPlushies!

September 28th, 2009 | 2 Comments | Posted in Accessories, Children, Free Giveaway, Great Gifts, Parents

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the parents with the baby carriage and we all know that most babies need a Pacifier!  But lose it in the crib, your purse or the diaper bag and “It’s On!”

Along comes a new idea called  Paci Plushies, a line of lightweight plush animals which not only solve the “where’s the pacifier” question but helps baby develop motor skills.

 Paci Plushies

The toy, invented by Stacy Dallman, wife of NHL Defensiveman Kevin Dallman of the LA Kings, was created to solve the disappearing pacifier phenomenon.

 Mompreneur Stacy Dallman

Mompreneur Stacy Dallman

Stacy and her husband grew weary of the nightly trips to the crib to find baby Ava’s pacifier and so Stacy got the “bright idea” to attach a toy to it so it would be easier to locate.  Presto!  It worked.  When her son came along she waited until the doctor gave her the OK to let him sleep with it and he also slept straight through the night with his Paci Plushie.

 Paisley the Panda

Call it the binky, the nuk nuk or whatever, one thing for sure is that most babies spend a good amount of time sucking a pacifier and most moms and dads spend an equal amount of time looking for the pacifier to keep baby happy.

You can buy the Paci Plushies in girl, boy or neutral gift sets or singly for $13.95 on the web site at www.PaciPlushies.com.  If a new baby is on the way this makes a perfect gift.

While the pacifiers with the button handle work best,  the Paci Plushie attaches to nearly all name brand infant pacifiers with its “hug ring” and best of all, Paci Plushies are machine washable.

Paci Plushie

When baby outgrows the newborn or infant pacifier, simply detach it from the Paci Plushie and replace with the appropriate size.  When you break the pacifier habit, the baby still has the Plushie as his favorite toy.

Safety was a major concern for Stacy and all Paci Plushies meet or exceed required standards.  The beans inside the body of the toy are contained within a safety bag.  Each Plushie has a reusable cap to keep the nipple clean.

There are eight different Plushies including Milo the Monkey, P-Nut the Puppy and Lovie the Lamb.  In a philanthropic effort to “give back”,  100% of the wholesale proceeds from the sale of Lovie the Lamb are being donated to a foundation that helps ensure children have a carefree childhood.

Knowing how babies and some toddlers are so attached to their pacifiers, losing one is almost not an option for a parent who needs to soothe a fussy baby.  With the Paci Plushie it won’t be hard to find.  Think about easing into baby’s room once he’s asleep to remove the pacifier from his mouth or the frantic search in the dark when baby wakes up without it.  Much easier when you have the Paci Plushie!

When toddlers can find the pacifier themselves because they can locate their favorite Plushie, it relieves mom and dad from the daily “where’s the pacifier now” routine.

Nookums, the New York based company that features trendy products for the childrens market  launched its Spring 2009 line of Paci Plushies pacificer holders but Stacy says a plush “hockey stick”  version could show up soon.

The PaciPlushie was featured in the September 2008 issue of Parenting Magazine and was the winner of the Mom’s Best Award for 2009.

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