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Mabel’s Labels….tag it!

September 16th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Accessories, Books, Children, Clothes, Food, Great Gifts

Label it or Lose it!

Mabel's Labels

Mabel's Labels

School just started and the kids are leaving home with lunch bags, book bags, water bottles, gym clothes and other supplies.   Now is the time to use Mabel’s Labels to make sure that everything that goes to school, comes home from school.

In addition to the older kids and all their school gear, Mabel’s Labels are perfect for the toddler who goes to daycare or preschool. You can label the bottles, toys, shoes and  clothes with the super durable, indestructible labels and not have to worry about missing stuff  according to Tricia Mumby, one of the mom owners of the Canadian based company.

Labels, labels, labels

Labels, labels, labels

Mumby, whom I met in New York City at a new product event, says they worked on the labels for over two years before they launched the company making sure that the labels could withstand microwaves, dishwashers and  the laundry.

Not only are the iron on clothing labels perfect for school uniforms or gym clothes, but they also have sticky labels for shoes which are meant to fit on the insole and help a preschooler identify his shoes;  Bag Tags are metal tags used for labeling diaper bags, school bags or luggage and the Teeny Tags which are smaller copies of the bag tags can be used on a backpack or lunch bag.


Bag Tags

The labels I liked best and put to use myself are the Skinny Mini’s!
If you have cameras, tape recorders, a cell phone or anything else that could get lost in the shuffle, having a skinny mini is the assurance you need. Hey, even adults need to label sometimes!

Labels on camera, microphone

Labels on camera, microphone

Kathy Dow mini's

Kathy Dow mini's

All labels can be personalized with names up to 20 characters and in your choice of colors. For the kids a favorite sports icon or one of the other icons help make identifying their belongings easier.

The company also has what they’ve labeled a “Neat Freak Combo”  that include the Crafter Pack, Cord Control and Curbside labels. You can organize your entire household with this pack.

There’s only a few days left for the September Back to School Combo pack which includes tag mates, 40 skinny minis, 16 shoe labels and two teeny tags for only $39. Check out their website at www.Mabel.ca and place an order that will help you and your kids keep your things coming back home.

Imagine a scene of school kids grabbing at a pile of backpacks, book bags, shoes, water bottles….now imagine Mabel’s Labels.  It can make things a lot easier can’t it?

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