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This is an awe inspiring story of the imagination and creativeness of a 13 year old girl from Texas named Maddie Bradshaw, who along with her sister and mother, have created a       “million dollar business” in just three years featuring her Snap Cap jewelery.
This jewelry phenomenon is best described by tweeners who are Maddie’s target [...]

PICKLES. Rick’s Picks for Pickle Lovers

Who likes a good pickle?  I know I do.  I can hardly walk pass when I see a stand selling pickles.  It takes me back to my younger days when I think you could dip into a barrel and get a good dill pickle for less than a buck.
Well, bring back the memories because Rick’s [...]

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For Women Only: Bring It Up Products

OK ladies this one is for us only.
If there are any men reading,  stop right now because some things we women need to keep confidential and the wearing of products from Bring It Up are among them.
Bring it Up!  What a great name.  A lot of women find themselves needing a little help at [...]

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KEEPERS Bagatelles. Keeping essentials handy

Keepers, a hands free neck wallet is the perfect place for a few dollars, a lunch meal ticket, keys  or ID.
With our kids back to school soon here comes another great product made by a Mompreneur out of Atlanta, Georgia.   Tamara Jones, President of Keepers Bagatelles was problem solving when she invented the Keeper.  [...]

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Teaching our kids to “Be”

Parents are counting down the days; just a few more weeks until school starts and the kids are back in class!  With summer vacation almost over  it’s time for the kids to put their thinking caps back on and soak up another year’s worth of knowledge.
In June I met a  couple of cool moms and [...]

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