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Toddlers telling time by color!

June 24th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Accessories, Children, Great Gifts, Parents

Toddlers.  Those precious little 2-5 year old bundles of energy  that are beginning to understand “there’s a time for everything” but aren’t able to tell time on a standard clock, now have a clock that speaks directly to them.

Thanks to a Dallas, Texas Mompreneur, the My Tot Clock,  helps  your toddler with  time management by using colors.  The clock face can display either red, yellow, blue or green, each linked to a specific routine so that toddlers know when it’s time for a certain activity, including bedtime.

The new entrepreneur mom, Pam Gonzalez, says she needed something to help her “terrible sleepers” learn to stay in bed  and after searching the market she realized “nothing existed” that would help them gauge time especially because they couldn’t read.  She and her husband went to work creating and designing the “My Tot Clock” which launched in January of this year after a long two year mission.

For me the highlight  is that you can set the clock  so that the face turns blue when its time for bed and stays that color until the designated wake up time when the face turns yellow. Little people have to stay in bed learning to respect everyone’s  sleep time.

If you’ve got a little one (or two) that need a little help managing time, then this clock is a teachable tool that will let you get your sleep on during the “blue light hours” but  I think you’d better be ready to roll when the clock strikes yellow, because the toddlers know it means the day has begun.

Parents can set the clock to initiate any routine like a nap or quiet time (light blue face), or green for a positive reinforcement time like reading, potty training or sharing.

With a child friendly handle, the clock is an all-in-one sleep clock; alarm clock, nightlight, timeout timer and activity timer.  With its 5 different levels of illumination it even has a light that keeps working if the clock stops ticking because of a power failure.

 The $49.95 clock with its bedtime story capability has interchangeable face plates that can be purchased for $9.95.   A line of Tot Clock Treasures allows them to pick their own favorite bedtime story, while lullabies and white noise are other options.  

 Is there a toddler in your life that needs to understand what time it is?  The Tot Clock is the answer, the only caveat is they have to know their colors. 

I’m loving this clock and thinking what a great idea it was.  I only wish it had been around when my kids were little because I lost a lot of sleep back in the day.  So, if the patter of little feet on the floor is interrupting your sleep, or you need to schedule quiet time or even a time out, this is the tool.  

For more information on the My Tot Clock and where to purchase it, (because it makes a great baby shower gift) subscribe to Kathy’s List.

Colors to live and learn by

Colors to live and learn by

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