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The “STAIN MISTAKE” often spells doom for your nicest, most expensive piece of clothing.  And like me, you’ve probably spilled a drink, missed your mouth en route, been splashed, accidentally spilled upon or otherwise ruined what you were wearing at least once.  Right?
Then what do you do?
Well, people in the know, (and now you [...]

Toddlers telling time by color!

Toddlers.  Those precious little 2-5 year old bundles of energy  that are beginning to understand “there’s a time for everything” but aren’t able to tell time on a standard clock, now have a clock that speaks directly to them.
Thanks to a Dallas, Texas Mompreneur, the My Tot Clock,  helps  your toddler with  time management by using colors. [...]

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Automatic Backup

Do you carry around your really important and necessary information on your hard drive with no backup? If something happened to your laptop and you lost your data, would you be facing disaster?
Is there an easy way to back up your computer information? I mean, really EASY?
Clickfree Automatic Backup is an automatic backup solution [...]

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Ready, Set, Cook

There’s a new “pan” in the kitchen and it’s helping you make the best looking lasagna ever.
I can’t help you with the taste, you’re on your own with that (anybody who wants to share their recipe can email it to me at Kathy@KathyDowDiscovers.com) but there’s something on the market that will take your presentation over the [...]

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Malu got his Pet Bandana!

The Pittsburg Steelers Pet Bandana arrived in Houston, Texas and Malu is wearing it for “special ocassions” only because his dad doesn’t want him to get it dirty!  Picture courtesy of Malu’s family!
See post under Pet Bandanas
Don’t forget to get one for your pet.  Information on vendor available on Kathy’s List.  Subscribe!

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Real childs play, the old fashion way

Imagine a new baby, what a joy and a job!  The  joy  is in watching them take their first steps and discover new things every day while the job is keeping them safe, even from their own toys. 
Help doing just that has arrived in the form of Jade’s Toy Box.
Parents Angelique and Robby Ledoux got the scare of [...]

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The Unnoticed Wrist Wallet

Yes, finally you can leave home without it:  your purse or wallet, that is.
What exactly is that on my wrist that I’m slipping my keys and ID in and out of?  Good question.  The answer: It’s a bangees wrist wallet.
How many times do you need to run out quickly and only need  your ID, money and keys?  Now on the market is [...]

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Outdoorsy Organic Skin Care

This is one for the outdoorsy soul; the nature boy or girl who tackles all types of physical sports that can sometimes leave their skin overexposed and their hands subject to scrapes and burns.
Joshua Tree Products, so named because it was first founded in Joshua Tree, California,  has an organic healing salve for active rock climbers, cyclists, water skiers, carpenters or [...]

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Organizing your Purse, made easy!

OK  ladies, this is it.  This is the answer to missed calls because your phone is lost in the bottom of your purse; the answer to digging around for a pen in a hurry and  the answer to finding  your keys quickly.
Drumroll please…….It’s Purse Pleaser!   Billed as the ultimate purse organizer, it was invented by Terri Newton after she had [...]

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Pet Portraits

 Your loyal companion’s portrait!
Can you believe these cute puppy faces?  All painted on rocks by the artist below, Vjera Thoma.  I came across her working her craft at the Nyack Street Fair last month.  I’m telling you, you find some of the most creative and talented people where you least expect it.
If you need a Father’s [...]

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