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Saving Smart Piggy Bank

This is a smart, new way to teach your child to save and at the same time discuss money management.
It’s a new take on the piggy bank and this time the pig knows exactly where the money should go.
The Money Savvy Pig, invented by Susan Beacham, was designed to help kids learn concepts like long [...]

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Eating Environmentally Conscious

Here’s a personal quiz for you: How many napkins, cups, plates, to-go boxes, forks and spoons do you personally toss in the garbage every week?
The number is probably staggering, isn’t it? From the take out lunch to the weekend stop at the ice cream parlor, we are attributing mind-boggling amounts to landfills. [...]

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Art projects created by children with cancer.

This is a story that tugs at your heart and at the same time lifts your spirits and has you in awe of the miracle of our children. It’s giving back, reaching out and supporting all rolled into one.
The M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, located at the University of Texas in Houston, sponsors the Children’s Art [...]

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Interchangeable Jewelry

We’ve heard the chant, “A change is going to come,” but this change in jewelry is already on the market and it’s jewelry like you’ve never seen before!
The interchangeable line of jewelry makes wearing the same piece of jewelry over and over seem obsolete and encourages mixing up your style without breaking your bank [...]

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Bella Bear Company

Hug a bear, hug a memory. A company creating Teddy Bears out of vintage fur is addessing two issues at once.
The bears, made by Bella Bear Company, are created using recycled furs which is an environment friendly tatic because synthetic materials used for standard bears take years to decompose in our landfills.
The second tier of [...]

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SixtyFive Roses

If you’ve got a reader in your life, then there’s nothing like giving a great book as a gift. Last month I went to the Good Causes and Celebrity Connections Media Expo in New York City and there I met the author of a recently released book entitled SixtyFive Roses.
Because I’m an author too (www.lowdowndirtyspot.com) [...]

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I’m hot on Oprah’s trail again. I hear these shoes were featured in O Magazine so I must have good taste too. I couldn’t pass up the colorful flip flops called OKAb whose slogan is, “shoes that love you.” (We women are always looking for shoes that love our feet because there’s [...]

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Mr. Marker

At the Hoboken Street fair earlier this month I couldn’t pass up stopping to check out some shiny dime size silver things, merely because I didn’t know what they were or what you do with them. I had to investigate. After all, this is KathyDowDiscovers.
Guess what? Golf Markers.
Ok, I have to admit, [...]

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Celebrity Interview: Olivia Newton John

There were two celebrities on hand at the Celebrity Connections media event in April. One was Olivia Newton John and the other was her husband! He’s a celebrity in his own right, known as Amazon John, but certainly marrying her added to his credentials.
He’s John Easterling and together they’re on the stomp promoting [...]

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Spotlight Interview: Everything’s a Book

We all have a story to tell and this one is based on an interview with Anthony Salvatore, designer, creator and owner of his own small business featuring specially designed journals called Everything’s a Book. A lot of people keep journals detailing everything from the most significant details of their lives to some of [...]

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